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The policyholder can put savings in the New Pension Scheme. Scheme Ministry Date of Launch Outlay/Status statistics Sector Provisions Atal Pension Yojana (Atal's Pension Scheme): MoF: May 9, 2015: Pension: A pension program that allows people to make voluntary contributions within a certain range with a matching government contribution to receive pension in the future. The National Pension Scheme is a government-backed retirement savings programme. It allows the public to invest in a mix of pension funds which manage equity, government bonds, and corporate debt. The ratio can be selected according to the investor’s age and risk appetite. Apart from creating a This is where investing in a pension scheme from an early age can act as a saviour.

Pension scheme in india by government

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The history of the Indian pension system dates back to the colonial period of British-India. The Royal Commission on Civil Establishments, in 1881, first awarded pension benefits to the government employees. Atal Pension Yojana – This scheme guarantees a pension of 1 thousand to 5 thousand for a holder after reaching age of 60. Under this scheme government would also contribute 50% of the money.

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Civil Employees of Central Government who have joined services on or after KPMG in India and FICCI have collaborated on this knowledge paper on the current state of employee pensions in India and the initiatives being taken by the Indian government and other stakeholders. We envisage that this knowledge paper will encourage a forward-looking debate on building a robust and sustainable pension regime in India.

Pension scheme in india by government

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Pension scheme in india by government

Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme (IGNOAPS) The Ministry of Rural Development runs the National Social Assistance Program (NSAP) that extends social assistance for poor households- for the aged, widows, disabled and in the case of death of the breadwinner. National Pension Scheme (NPS) is a government-sponsored pension scheme. It was launched in January 2004 for government employees. However, in 2009, it was opened to all sections. The scheme allows subscribers to contribute regularly in a pension account during their working life.

Pension scheme in india by government

1. Senior Citizens Saving Scheme (SCSS) • This is a government-backed savings instrument offered to Indian residents above the age of 60. National Pension Scheme or NPS is one of the famous schemes offered by the Government of India. It is a retirement saving scheme open to all the Indians, but mandatory for all the government employees. NPS aims to provide retirement Income to the citizens of India.
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It was launched in January 2004 for government employees. However, in 2009, it was opened to all sections.

Indian citizens and NRIs in the age group of 18 to 60 can subscribe to this scheme.
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The government of India actively promotes various pension schemes for the citizens. Tax deductions are offered on pension schemes in order to encourage people to save money in pension funds.

They have to opt for new pension systems which become operational from the same date.

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